Smog – A serious environmental concern

Smog – A serious environmental concern

Over the years most parts of Pakistan have fell victim to smog (combination of smoke and fog) and this environmental issue has aggravated over time. This is not a natural phenomenon but a serious pollution issue which needs to be dealt with in order to prevent the birth of serious environmental conditions.

To begin with what exactly is smog? It is simply fog that consists of smoke which is formed by pollutants that mix in with the atmosphere resulting in the creation of a yellowish fog that can cause breathing problems. In other words, air pollution is the main reason behind the formation of smog. The main contributors of air pollutants are vehicles especially those that run on diesel as well as industrial activity that release harmful gases into the air. Human activities such as the burning of coal, use of household appliances, packaged sprays also have a huge role to play in air pollution.

Many cities in Pakistan are facing a lot of problems due to the presence of smog which is deteriorating air quality and making it very hard to breathe. Accidents have taken place because of zero visibility and loss of life has been reported, other than this people have started to complain of itching in eyes as well as severe headaches. Human health is at stake with chances in the growth of various diseases such as lung cancer, colds, pneumonia, pain in chest and inflammation in the tissues of lungs.  Also, the smog blocks the UV radiation making it difficult for sunlight to reach which can result in Vitamin D deficiency. People who have asthma problems can suffer greatly because of smog as it makes it difficult for them to breathe.

According to a World health organization report, Lahore is among the polluted cities in the world and this because of the rise in vehicle use that has contributed to air pollution. Besides this growing population, as well as rising industrial activity, are other factors. The Environmental department is working closely with the government to deal with this smog issue by taking preventive measures.  Burning of crops which have been highlighted as one important factor has been brought in the limelight and the government has said to take action against all farmers who are indulged in this activity. Instructions have also been given to the city traffic police to deal with traffic jams in a more effective manner. Doctors have urged patients to cover their noses and mouths, also wear glasses in order to prevent any kind of illness that could arise. They have further advised keeping shut all windows to stop the smog from entering in the household. However, individuals should take measures on their own to deal with this environmental issue such as carpooling, using public transport, use fuel-efficient cars, make sure that cars being used are in good condition and reduce usage of chemical products that are found in the household. Small acts such as planting flowers or trees can help cope with the issue and provide us with a cleaner environment.  Other than this turn off lights or electrical appliances when not in use and make more use of energy efficient bulbs. All these small acts can really aid in overcoming this environmental issue and provide us with a cleaner air to breathe in.

Rain is perhaps the only solution which can help eliminate this harmful condition and make breathing easier again.


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