Shifting Content to Drupal or WordPress Platform

Shifting Content to Drupal or WordPress Platform

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You may familiar with the basic concept that Drupal and WordPress are the open source features of Content Management Framework and Content Management System; based on PHP. These are used for blog writing and its management; known as powerful web applications indeed. In simple words, you can say that Drupal is a content management tool while WordPress refers to a popular blogging tool. Meanwhile, both have various strengths and certain weaknesses as well and it is necessary for a developer to be well aware of that keen points before go for WordPress or Drupal Web Development.

There are different Ecommerce platforms which give the chance of efficient Drupal Module Development to the developer.  One of the most popular e-commerce platforms is Drupal 7 Ubercart. It basically allows the user to display the product description in order to sell the product in an efficient manner. Downloads and subscriptions can be done in a better way but its advanced features make it more complex for the beginners and the simple blog writers so they prefer to move towards WordPress features.

Before moving to steps of importing content to WordPress; you must have some know-how about the overshadowing features of WordPress. WordPress is the best option for the bloggers; it is the pure blogging tool while developers prefer Drupal for content management instead of blog writing and editing. WordPress has limited features which reduce its complexity and provides the better option for the beginners or the developers in order to work at the small level. Meanwhile, more plug-ins are available in WordPress.

Migration of content from Drupal to WordPress is not so difficult; it can be done in a better way if certain steps would be followed by the WordPress or Drupal Programmers. Certain keen points must be kept in mind. As you are moving from Drupal to WordPress so, first of all, install WordPress on your system using an old server. Both databases are kept on the same server with different databases. After the installation there is need of managing the database; you have to import Drupal database and maintain a fresh database in order to continue in WordPress. MySQL is used for this purpose.

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The above-mentioned procedure is a basic step for the conversion; afterwards, you can also get the solution of your issue from WordPress website in an effective manner.  Proper configuration of database and server make your task more easeful and efficient in a supportive manner. The increasing demand of blogs compels many developers to convert various Drupal Ecommerce Websites to WordPress websites, as Drupal Web Design is not specifically for blog writing, editing and publishing.

However, different versions of WordPress allow the programmers to maintain the fresh database on the same server and continue the required task in WordPress with more ease and efficiency. All data, content, and tags of Drupal can be converted accordingly. Moreover, WordPress supports many useful features and latest aspects of blog writing and editing.

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