Brands in Pakistan - fashion brand

Pakistan’s fashion industry has been one of the most flourishing and popular industries as compared to other sectors. Recognized and Popular designers manage to sell of their work pieces at whooping high rates and with materialism crawling into our society people have become more conscious and pay large amounts of money to look good. With a new season comes a new trend and our diverse range of brands leave no stones unturned to make sure they provide consumers with something enthralling and exciting. Over the years new brands have emerged adding to the already present intense competition but what is the reality of these brands? It is appalling to see big brands being part of intellectual theft, selling off other people’s ideas without giving them any kind of recognition. Well its high time intellectual theft was taken seriously and those involved charged with a penalty.

Brands in Pakistan - fashion brand


A big brand like Sapphire which has a huge consumer base has been involved and caught in this illegal act which needs to be taken into account and dealt with.  Kunza Mutaal reports the incident she came across when to her surprise she found the design she had made while working for Nishat on Sapphire’s Bedding range.  It is a shame to see such recognized brands promote concepts of stealing in our society and getting away with it without being accounted for.

Brands in Pakistan - fashion brand

Above provided images prove that Sapphire has been involved in plagiarism and copying, it manages to get away without any legal action taken.

Sapphire isn’t the only brand who has committed this shameful act; others include Rang Ja, Sana Safinaz, Origins and Nadia Khurram. Despite having being part of intellectual theft these big names are still doing well in the market and it is a shame to see them make big bucks off someone else’s effort.

Rang ja on one of its shirts used famous Pakistani Singer Nazia Hassan’s design which was originally designed by Abullah Syed who responded to the matter by using social media to voice his opinion.

The only reason big brands are getting away with all this nonsense is lack of availability of copyrights and the fact that plagiarism is not taken seriously in Pakistan resulting in talent being wasted and people discouraged. Serious steps and laws regarding intellectual theft need to be formed so that in future people don’t encounter similar incidents.  If serious action is not taken our own people who have worked day and night on their concepts and ideas will be highly discouraged and will not want to put in effort for something they will get no recognition for. Its time these brands stopped emptying our piggy banks and instead open theirs for all the crimes they’ve committed.



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