Natural link building

Natural link building

What is natural link building and in what way does it affect SEO? Is it a different myth or does it occurs for real and what is the influence on ranks and traffic flow?

I will do effort to deliver answers to the above queries by means of the blog you are reading now as a case study and also give you instances of natural links.

What is natural link building?

Natural link building is precisely what the name proposes i.e. links that are shaped naturally deprived of the website owner having to go and generate them either through visitor posting, or other systems of link building practices.

Is natural link building important?

It is broadly accepted in the SEO business that having natural links is the finest, safest and among the well-organized ways to endorse a blog or website.

Is it additional SEO Myth?

One of the belongings I had real concern understanding when I first on track with blogging was ‘how to acquire natural links’. I didn’t know what I had to do so that other folks find and link to my content. I always thought that this was a myth and that the only technique to get links was to build them.

How do you get natural links?

Clearly this is the most significant question of this article. The benefits of natural links are all countless but how do you get them? It is a 3 step procedure and one that I am sure you heard earlier but let’s review it again:

#1-Write/publish/generate worthy content – If the content is not worthy then nobody will naturally link to it. If you are still at the establishment and nobody is reading your content do not get upset; write like your articles are read by 1000’s of publics and try to make them improved.

#2Social Media – Social media may not have differing impact on rankings but it does have a undeviating impact on natural link building. From end to end by social media you can put your content visible to the folks that are more likely to be attracted and link to it.

#3Consistency – Consistently writing good content and endorsing on social media while at the same time trying to build connections with new bloggers is the way to go. Timing is vital and in order to find out the correct timing to place your content in front of the right individuals, you need to be consistent in your publication. Doing two to three times per week upsurges your chances of this to happen somewhat than doing it once per month.


When the Google originators created their first website ranking procedure, natural links played a very vital role. 20 plus years later, natural links are still very significant with one main difference.

1000’s of folks try on a day-to-day basis to deploy the Google procedure by generating back links that look like natural links and Google is constantly revising their ranking procedures to spot and deemphasize these false links.

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