Make Wellness the Factual Aim of Marketing

Make Wellness the Factual Aim of Marketing

The overall wellness and success of individuals depends wholly on their aptitude to balance all sizes of life. And I would claim that the same goes for brands we are most active when we focus our message on numerous dimensions of life. The correct goal of marketing is not to trade stuff, but rather to make balance and wellness for people.

Though, “wellness” is unclear term until we break it down into components and effort our marketing on the individual bits.

There are seven sizes in marketing that matter, and if your brand can link its determination with these, the public and your spectators will see you as more than just the invention. You can become an association that helps the world attain balance and well-being.

How marketers tap into the 7 sizes

The seven dimensions are appointed all the time, and in some cases, the angle is clear. Providers of capability equipment focus on bodily wellness, colleges and universities distillate on knowledgeable wellness, recruiters take aim at work-related wellness. No surprises. But what about when your product is not so clearly related with one dimension of wellness or does not message correctly across numerous dimensions? To be stable, your brand has to find a determination, align with clear values and beliefs, fuel new thinking and eventually help people advance their well-being.

Help your spectators flourish

As marketers, we can make choices that help the well being of clients and the broader groups in which we function. We all know from knowledge that content can alter lives just think about the books, essays and films that have essentially lifted your views and determinations. We have accountability to be thoughtful about what we put out into the empire of information. If it is not linking to a dimension of wellness, it is probably not serving your brand.

I commend establishing content by dimension focus. At my business Widen, which delivers digital asset management software, we are starting to tag our own marketing images with meta data telling the dimension of wellness it targets. It will help us describe our purpose in every part of content, and as a result, we are learning what dimensions of wellness stimulate the best reply from our addressees.

With the seven dimensions, we must aim to put fact into the market. If Unilever marketed sustainability, inner attractiveness and world peace, yet took no action to upkeep those causes, their movements would be nothing but Potemkin Villages.

For the aim of marketing, bottom line is that if you are not interactive across these seven dimensions, your marketing is not as sturdy as it could be. To link with individuals, make their contentment and joy your true goal. Take my  advice, and balance your message to the world.