Increase website traffic without building links

Increase website traffic without building links

Did you know, you can increase website traffic without doing link building? In this Blog I will identify effective ways for attaining website traffic which will also lay the foundation for long term success.

The quote for 2016 is “Content is the King, Marketing is the Queen” and you should know how to play content marketing in strategic way.

After intensive research on current generation’s traits and intelligence, I came to this conclusion that instead of spending time in creating low quality back links on any website, we all should now start spending time in creating high quality content for our websites.

After researching several case studies and blogs on content marketing I got to know that the more high quality content you show, the more visitors you get (not only organic visits, but also direct visits, social media visits, mobile visits, etc.).

What type of content you can create?

Today’s psyche says, people are not really interested in knowing how many happy clients you have and what’s the size of your business, they are only interested in knowing what ease and benefits they can get from your business. The other important element that can attract your audience is presenting them some personal touch of associations in the content so that your customers can relate their lives with it.

You can start off your new journey by creating high quality content that should be laid under the following categories:

  • Blogs
  • Branding Images / infographics.
  • Videos
  • Presentations

How & Where to market the content?

Your Website’s blog

If you already have a blog, great! If no, make one and upload all the content that you create first on your own website blog and then anywhere else. It is no coincidence that websites that are being updated on daily basis or weekly basis began to rank higher in search engines.

High PR Social bookmarking sites

Once you upload the content on your website, then bookmark all of your content links on high pr social bookmarking platforms which include, Stumble Upon, Reddit, diigo etc

Social Media Platforms

Now share your content on SMM Platforms. Social media marketing is a great way to market your content. The more your website content is popular on social platforms, the more chances you are establishing to attract visitors towards your website. Being popular on social media helps you rank on search engines as well. The Popular Social Media Platforms where your business page should be existed include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linked In & Google+.

High PR Social Networking Platforms

This includes marketing your content at high PR social networking platforms. This is another effective way of attracting new visitors towards your website. I have included some famous names under the categories for your better understanding.

You can upload your blogs on platforms like blogger, weebly, tumblr, livejournal etc.

You can upload your images/infographics on platforms like Flicker, Imgur, fotki etc

You can upload your video on platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, dailymotion etc

You can upload your Presentation on platforms like slidshare, scribd, mediafire etc

 I promise to share only working and hassle free links of social networking platforms with you all soon!

Mobile marketing


This includes mobile optimized websites and hitting mobile markets. More than 30% of searches coming from mobile, so make sure your website is mobile friendly.


To conclude, if you want to get more web traffic to your website, publish high quality content on your website. Then spend time on publishing the content on social media and high PR social networking platforms and try to make connections with visitors & response them timely.

As soon as you reach the point when your website is full of useful content, you can go out and contribute to other websites and sharing of expertise you have acquired as an expert in your niche as well.

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