How Businesses Can Increase Followers on Social Media

How Businesses Can Increase Followers on Social Media

One of the ordeals that businesses face when it comes to social networks is how to increase followers on Social Media. How can you find persons to follow your business page and most prominently how do you find people that interrelate with your pages and share your content?

To make this writing more stimulating, I will not just discuss the theory of social media marketing but I will present you the consequences of a social media battle we have been running for the last 10 months for an online business. I will try to make clear the trials that we had to overwhelm and the solutions that lead to an affected increase of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Business Profile

The business is, a web hosting provider proposing managed VPS hosting packages to customers since 2005.

The consequences

Upsurge in Twitter Followers

Example of how Twitter Followers improved over the last six months

When we started social media marketing for a known host in November 2013 the business had:

  • 480 followers on Twitter
  • 400 followers on Facebook
  • 200 followers on Google+
  • After 10 months (September 2014) the numbers are:
  • 8300 followers on Facebook (1825% increase)
  • 5018 followers on Twitter (837% increase)
  • 1000 followers on Google+ (450% increase)

The tests

  • It was problematic to reach out to folks who were not presently interested in our crops (web hosting packages).
  • There is a huge rivalry in the holding industry!
  • We wanted a plan to differentiate our business from the rest.
  • We wanted more folks to find out about our brand, products, and facilities!
  • Three Steps for Successful social media marketing for businesses

The answer to the above tests that lead to an affected increase in followers was to syndicate content marketing with a prudently planned social media marketing movement. Let’s see below the 3 steps that can almost promise you success.

Step 1: You need content

That may be clear to many persons: you need content to run social media movements, but for most businesses, this is the most problematic part of attaining. The reason is that they have a lot of content about their products and facilities but not enough content that can be used for social media consciousness.

Individuals that use Facebook, Google+ or Twitter are less likely to follow a business page that only promotes their products and facilities unless of course, they are a large brand that sells general products.

The answer here is to issue content on your business page that is stimulating for persons to read, share, comment and follow. In general, you can utilize content that is part of these three categories:

  • How-to articles
  • Industry news
  • Tips and advice

Step 2: Content is not sufficient, you also need to endorse your accounts

What do we mean by endorse? Do not expect that by just making and issuing good content on your business page will make people start following you. You have to get out, spread the word and tell people about your stimulating content.

Step 3: Clean up your accounts and examine your brand

So, you have good content, you endorse your accounts by publicity or reaching out to potential followers, what’s next?

The next step is to examine what people say about your brand in the diverse networks and reply to any comments (either positive or negative). There are numerous ‘brand monitoring’ tools you can use but another simple way is to use the search purpose of the different networks and search for your brand name.


Businesses can positively use social media provided that they are eager to invest both time and money to find their social media occurrence. Depending on the type of business, you can pick which networks to apply but the recipe for achievement is always the same: Share valuable content that goes outside your products or facilities, endorse your accounts, defend your brand and keep your accounts in good shape?

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