Benefits of Responsive Design for Online Businesses

Benefits of Responsive Design for Online Businesses

If you are an online business owner looking for conducts to keep your website and business on top of the rivalry, enlarge your reach, upsurge your conversion rates and keep your users glad then getting a responsive website should be your top worth.

What is responsive design?

For persons that are not aware of the term ‘responsive web design’, the simplest description I can give is that a responsive web site is optimized for watching (i.e. looks good) on different types of devices and determinations. In other words the enterprise adapts to the obtainable viewing space offering the user with a pleasant experience without having to move left and right with a scroll bar or zoom-in, zoom out in command to read the text or view an image.It is the latest trend in web design

Big businesses lead the way when it comes to web design tendencies and responsive web sites are at the instant on the top of their list. Check out some very nice responsive websites from well-known companies:


Need for receptive design

What is the alteration between a mobile website and a responsive website?

Many persons tend to complicate a mobile friendly website with a responsive website but that is not precisely the same. A mobile welcoming website looks good on mobile devices but may not look so good on devices with better determinations.

In the popular of the cases, there is the desktop form of a website and then there are devoted pages optimized for mobile which are dissimilar from those exposed on the desktop.

Benefits of responsive design

Let’s see what are the benefits of having a responsive website for your business and how to defend the asset needed to turn your non-responsive website into responsive.

1)      Reach more audience

Appearing on smartphones is dangerous for local businesses. 94% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone and 84% take achievement as a result, such as buying or communicating the business.

77% of users have investigated a product or service on their device, and 46% of smartphone users have made acquisition on their phone.

67% of individuals start spending on one device and continue to another.

65% of consecutive shopping junctures are started on a smartphone.

34% of individuals turn to the screen that is nearby when looking for info.

What does this mean for businesses? If you do not offer your users or possible clients a good experience on the device of their choice, you may lose visitors or clients.

2)      Your clients are previously mobile, stay in touch with them

Possibly if you check your analytics, you will find out that already 10% – 30% of your guests are coming from mobile/tablets and if you are not contributing them a user welcoming version you are losing clienteles.

3)      You have one website to uphold and one set of code

As stated above, the attractiveness of having a responsive website versus a mobile welcoming version is that you only need to uphold one set of code, one set of pages for your website so any variations or new functionality you offer to the desktop version are mechanically available on mobile as well.

4)      SEO benefits from responsive design

There has been a long conversation in the SEO manufacturing about responsive website and SEO. Some people say that it is good for SEO; others trust that a responsive website is not the best answer for all businesses though Google is saying that having a responsive website is the suggested formation for creating smartphone optimized websites.

5)      Upsurge conversions and incomes from advertisements

By going from a mobile welcoming form to a responsive website you are more likely to upsurge conversions or earnings from advertisements.

6)      Stay visible to the rivalry

It is becoming a business standard so by remaining in sync you are a step closer to your contestants (or ahead if they are not following a responsive design).

7)      You are preparing now for the future

The upcoming of the web is mobile and it is projected that by 2017 more than 5 billion individuals will use mobile phones. These are numbers and statistics you cannot disregard and if you are not persuaded that a responsive website can help your business now, it will surely do in the next few years.

8)      Offer a reliable design across all devices

A responsive website can help you uphold a reliable design across devices rather than helping your users with a dissimilar set of pages for each type of device that may have a different look’n’feel.

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