5 types of Bosses employees come across

5 types of Bosses employees come across

When you step in the corporate world you will come across different type of people with whom you will have to adjust if you want your job so badly. Amongst these people will be the bosses you will have to deal with (or at least develop a temperament) who will have different kinds of requirements and demands. This article focuses on and outlines various bosses you will come across and provides guidelines on how to deal with them.

  • The autocratic boss

This type of boss is likely to be another version of Hitler and will like things to be done his way. He will only give orders and expect you to follow them without engaging in any argument. Working with an autocratic boss will require you to be on your toes all the time and expect you to meet deadlines while at the same time impose strict rules which you may have to adhere to. The only way to deal with this type of human being is to be patient and accept the fact that God doesn’t love you anymore hence punished you by giving you the chance to work with an authoritative person or accept him as a challenge.

  • The friendly boss

You are lucky if you have a boss who you can call your buddy as these ones are hard to come across. This type of boss will greet you with a smile, probably even take you out for coffee and go easy on you when it comes to tasks. The benefit of working with type of boss is the ease of communication and comfort level developed but the drawback maybe inability to deal with complicated matters as often criticism is required to act better. Hence in such a case an employee may have to himself make a list of goals he needs to achieve as well as come up with motives and directions.

  • The I am so confused boss

This type of boss may seem clue less and lost and well perhaps may not even know what is going on. This maybe because he might be going through a difficult time and requires some guidance and help from his colleagues.  To get this confused personality back on track perhaps being supportive is one option and educating him with what is going on another.

  • The I know it all boss

Working with a boss who is a perfectionist can be quite challenging and irritating as this type of boss will constantly butt in everything you’re doing and provide his own expertise to make sure everything turns out perfect. This type of boss will want you question your abilities and will never let you come in the limelight as he would always want to be the showstopper. Dealing with a perfectionist is difficult not to mention annoying as this type of people only value their own efforts and always try to be one step ahead to make sure you always stay behind. Some advice on what to do if you are working under a Mr Perfectionist is to have faith in yourself and keep yourself motivated despite the continuous degrading.

  • The role model boss

This type of boss knows how to properly manage the company as well as the employees and sets his own examples for others to follow. These bosses promote positive vibes and add life to the environment with their presence. These type of bosses keep their employees motivated even in times of crisis and provide them with all support needed. They are influential and know how to get the business running without implementing any harsh policies and educate employees on how to deal with matters. The simplest way to deal with this kind of boss is to cooperate and put in your best efforts to meet the expectation.