5 reasons why your company has a high turnover rate

5 reasons why your company has a high turnover rate

Did you ever try looking into why your employees are leaving your company? Have you thought about the possible reasons as to why this might be occurring? This article will help answer the question as to why your company may have a high turnover rate and what can be done to deal with the issues.

  1. Poor management

This is a very important factor that may result in people leaving the company as managers fail to properly establish communication with the employees. This may happen because managers fail to display proper use of communication skills and hence end up promoting a rather autocratic behavior where employees have no say in what is happening around them. This can really demotivate employees and push down performance thereby leaving employees with no option but to quit. If you are looking for a stable workforce it is advised to hire professional managers who can handle employees and motivate them to work harder helping them divide the workload as well as their activities.

  1. Overworked and exhausted employees

In companies which are in a state of crisis or startups which have a long way to go, often the workload is far more than what employees can manage. This can disturb employees and even intervene with their performance at work. Managers forget that in their struggle for producing efficient results they may actually set off low productivity levels as employees now have more on their plate. At the same time employees are expected to display excellent results which are almost equal to impossible as you’re already asking an employee to work beyond his capacity. No employee would want to work in these circumstances and is likely to quit which is why a company should not pressurize its employees and give them a timeout or assign tasks which they can easily manage rather than going hard on them.

  1. No acknowledgement by the management

Who would want to work in an organization where employees aren’t appreciated for the effort they put in? Or even worse where employees are being supervised by introvert managers who show absolutely no affection nor appreciation? If you are looking for good results start by investing in your most important asset your employees without whom work cannot be done. A small step is to acknowledge efforts of employees and provide them feedback as well as guidance on areas where they lack. A company should make its employees feel wanted rather than isolated.

  1. No fringe benefits as well as low salary

At the end of the day employees make an effort to earn money so that they can fulfill their needs and wants. If a company is paying a minimal salary while at the same time demanding excessive work, employees will not want to work. Research states that fringe benefits as well as salary increments act as motivators and can encourage and motivate employees to perform better and even increase the company’s retention ratio. Therefore the company should provide with benefits to keep employee spirit high and earn good results.

  1. Lack of engagement as well as boredom

The company culture has a deep impact on how employee behavior. If the environment is confined giving employees no chance to communicate and blend in, employees are likely to quit as they will become a victim of boredom and will not want to work. An uncomfortable work environment will be created where employees will feel caged and captivated hence management should prepare a company culture where everyone can easily fit in.

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